Faculty Brief

The faculty of Architecture and Design was officially established in 2009. FAD offers B.SC. degree PROGRAMES that are designed to best equip the student to enter directly into professional practice or academia. The core aspiration of all FAD PROGRAMES is to close the gap between theory and practice in architectural & design education. This is achieved by placing students in an interactive learning environment that physically combines design studio, workshop and real environments; and by transferring the required skills and theory of an approach to Architecture and Design education. It is believed that through these mechanisms students will develop new architectural &Design responses that are both culturally and technically viable, in societal and ecological terms.

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  • Email: deanfad@ammanu.edu.jo
  • Phone: +962 5 3500211
  • Extension: 2570
  • Address: Al-Ahliyya Amman University / Amman-Jordan- Al Salt Road / Zip-Code (Postal Address): (19328)
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