Faculty of Architecture and Design


Presenting a locally and internationally accredited academic program, based on teaching, learning, learning, applied education and quality in innovation, creativity and development, a competition for graphic designers competing in the local, UAE and global labor market.


  • Developing administrative and academic performance so that it is able to achieve a vision the facultys vision, objectives, core values, department mission and objectives and its core values.
  • Developing the academic program in line with the requirements of the labor market and local quality standards and international accreditation.
  • Encouraging pioneering scientific research in line with national priorities.
  • Emphasis on practicing the profession through partnerships and agreements with employers in the field of graphic design.
  • Activating the participation of faculty members and students in competitions and local and international awards within the promotional plan of the department.
  • Providing an appropriate environment to encourage students to participate in activities systematic, extracurricular and community service activities.
  • Supporting students to work on innovative and entrepreneurial projects and to apply for grants International.

Core Values

Integrity - Transparency - Belonging And Citizenship - Diversity - Societal Responsibility - Partnerships -Justice Accountability